Tom Cruise races over Solarcentury installation in Mission Impossible Fallout

Mission Impossible filming on Blackfriars Bridge, Tom Cruise

Latest Mission Impossible film stars Solarcentury’s solar installation on Blackfriars Bridge.

Tom Cruise’s latest Mission Impossible film is due for release this week and will feature scenes of Solarcentury’s landmark solar panel installation on London’s Blackfriars Bridge.

The actor brought parts of central London to a standstill in January this year, performing a “hair-raising” stunt on the bridge, according to the Evening Standard newspaper.

Boats and traffic were halted during filming, although Thameslink trains continued to run through the station below, the newspaper said.

Solarcentury installed some 4,400 photovoltaic panels on the roof of Blackfriars Bridge in 2014. Overnight, the bridge became an immediate hit; a truly iconic installation and a fantastic addition to London’s skyline.

Neil Perry, Chief Financial Officer for Solarcentury said today he was “thrilled that Solarcentury’s innovative solar bridge is continuing to get attention around the world.

“The dramatic and exciting nature of the film is truly matched by the exciting nature of the design. But the concept behind the design – the generation of up to half the station’s daily power needs – is what makes this project truly remarkable.

“The bridge is a demonstration of how solar is ultimately scalable. It works in your calculator, on your house, in a field, and even over a railway bridge above the river Thames; delivering clean, green power.”

The panels on the roof of Blackfriars Bridge station produce enough energy to make almost 80,000 cups of tea a day, reducing its CO2 emissions by an estimated 511 tonnes per year – equivalent to 89,000 (average) car journeys.