Solarcentury partners with Nissan to provide new solar energy solution

Solarcentury today announces a new partnership with Nissan to supply home integrated solar energy solutions.

Solarcentury is pleased to announce a new partnership with car manufacturer Nissan, to provide a specialised home solar energy solution for Nissan customers.

The Nissan Energy Solar service is a collaborative effort between the two companies, with Solarcentury providing a comprehensive range of solar services on behalf of Nissan.

The package includes world-class integrated solar panels, battery storage (xStorage Home) and a home energy management system.

At an event this morning to celebrate the launch of Nissan Energy Solar, Gareth Dunsmore, Electric Vehicle Director of Nissan Europe, said the offering represents a “fresh opportunity” for the UK solar market.

“Nissan Energy Solar is a complete system for home energy generation, management and storage. It enables UK homeowners to make significant savings on their household electricity bills, and become champions of sustainability and green technology,” he said.

“More than 880,000 people in the UK already use solar panels and this fully integrated solution brings a fresh opportunity to grow this number exponentially over the coming years.”

The offer is expected to reduce average household electricity bills by up to 66 per cent, according to research by Nissan.

Prices will start at £3,881 and are available as fully integrated solar and storage packages or with each service individually.

For more information on Nissan Energy Solar, click here.