Solarcentury develops new 300 MWp solar farm in Spain

Talayuela team

Solarcentury is proud to announce the development of Talayuela Solar, a new 300 MWp solar farm in Extremadura, Spain.

The project will benefit from one of the country’s best solar yields. Some 2,000 units of electricity will be generated every year for every kWp installed – enough to power 150,000 households, more than 10 per cent of Extremadura’s population.

The scheme is backed by Extremadura’s regional government, which has welcomed the environmental and economic benefits that the farm will bring to the local area. Last week, Solarcentury signed a memorandum of understanding with Extremadura’s Department of Economy and Infrastructure to develop the €300m site. National consent is expected to be granted before construction begins in late 2018 and the project is expected to be completed in 2019.

Jose Miguel Ferrer, General Manager of Solarcentury Iberia said: “We are pleased with the collaboration and the support received by the national and local authorities in Extremadura, Spain. Proof of that is the framework agreement signed on 15th of December between Junta de Extremadura and Genia Extremadura Solar, supporting through Talayuela Solar the development and the economy in the region.”

Neil Perry, Chief Financial Officer of Solarcentury said he was “delighted to be working with the Junta de Extremadura and Delegacion de Gobierno and all local and national authorities on this exciting and important project”.

“With their help and commitment we expect to obtain all necessary permits by early next year and begin construction later in 2018,” he said.

The Project was developed with local partner Genia Global Energy, an international engineering company which develops and promotes new technology to generate renewable energy for the spot market.

Solarcentury’s modern, innovative plant design will help to regulate the amount of electricity entering the grid in response to actual energy demand, to avoid oversupply at times of low demand.

Making a big difference

Talayuela Solar is part of a larger development pipeline in the Iberian Peninsula – a key market for Solarcentury. The rebirth of the Spanish solar market has been driven in part by a reduction in solar pricing over the last five years. Grid parity has already been achieved in Spain, which means that large solar parks such as Talayuela can be developed without the need for government subsidy as in the past. This is good news for consumers, but also for investors who will be able to fund this and other similar schemes through a range of private sector options, including private Power Purchase Agreements.

Solarcentury was established nearly 20 years ago and is a pioneer of the European solar industry. It is active today in many European markets including Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands and UK, as well as further afield in Latin America and Africa.

Its company mission is to make a big difference in the fight against climate change. Today its international business can rightfully claim to be doing just that, with a global development pipeline of more than 3 GWp.

Visually, part of the Talayuela solar farm has been designed so that from above it resembles Extremedura’s flag. The flag will be seen from the air and will be visible on Google Earth. This design is symbolic of the region’s determination to deliver a more sustainable future for its citizens and businesses and to make a statement to the rest of Spain and to the world.

Solarcentury is very proud to be playing a small part in helping to make that sustainable future a reality.