Solarcentury CEO wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime achievement award

Frans van den Heuvel, Solarcentury CEO, was recognised for his outstanding  contribution to the solar industry at this year’s prestigious Solar Power Portal Awards. In accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award, Frans paid tribute to the staff of Solarcentury and in particular to our CFO Neil Perry, who has worked for Solarcentury from the beginning of the company.

Frans was introduced by Steve Taylor, Solarcentury’s Global Operations Director, who said: “Frans Van Den Heuvel started his working life in 1987 as an after sales advisor and the start of eight years working in electronics where he developed a passion for renewables. At the age of 32 this lead him to start his own “Energy Products” company in 1995 and just four years later he founded Scheuten Solar where he then spent a decade at the forefront of the developing solar revolution.  He has served in roles across the industry advising and directing companies and industry organisations and helping to co-ordinate the attack on the fossil fuels. For the last five years Frans has been CEO of Solarcentury and is now the second Solarcenturian to receive this award after Jeremy Leggett.”

Steve added: “After almost 20 years in this dynamic industry Frans has met with many people and companies around the world and he is universally recognised for the following qualities. His passion, his energy and his love of the people in the industry. Like many entrepreneurs Frans has a passion and a drive for what he does and like many here tonight, is committed to growing the renewables industry as part of the larger fight against climate change.”

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Photo credit: Solar Power Portal