Solarcentury welcomes UK Government support for end to EU solar Minimum Import Price

On 26th January, EU Member States voted to reject the Commission’s proposals to extend solar trade measures on solar panels and cells imported from China, Taiwan and Malaysia. The SolarPower Europe press release welcoming this decision is here.

Seb Berry, Head of External Affairs for Solarcentury, and Board member of SolarPower Europe comments:

“We very much welcome the fact that an unprecedented 18 Member States, including the UK, opposed the EU Commission’s unwelcome proposal to extend the minimum import price (MIP) for Chinese solar modules by another two years. The campaign led by SolarPower Europe and backed by Solarcentury highlighted the damage that the MIP has done to the wider solar sector right across Europe. The “Union interest” arguments, including negative impacts on solar employment and prices, were so overwhelming that the Commission could only count on just five member states to actually vote yes to a continuation of the measures.

It’s now vital that the appeal process, which ought to be prompted by the overwhelming Member State vote, delivers a positive way forwards, so that the negative impact of the MIP can finally be laid to rest and so that we return to free trade as soon as possible.”