Solarcentury appoints Dr Philip Comberg as non-executive chairman to support international growth

Dr Jeremy Leggett continues as a Solarcentury board member but will focus more on climate campaigning

From January 1st 2015, Jeremy Leggett, green-energy entrepreneur, environmental campaigner and founder of Solarcentury, will be stepping down from his role as non-executive chairman of Solarcentury, one of the world’s longest standing and most respected solar companies. Replacing him will be solar expert Dr Philip Comberg who recently joined the Solarcentury board as an independent director and who was brought on board given his significant international solar experience.

Frans van den Heuvel, CEO of Solarcentury said: “Solarcentury is at an exciting juncture as we expand into Africa and Latin America, where many countries are at grid parity, so there’s a strong economic case for solar. This growth will be guided by Philip’s wealth of international solar experience, combined with his financial and commercial pedigree. With this strategy in place, Jeremy can take more time to focus on his tireless campaigning to promote solar in the fight against climate change. This was Solarcentury’s mission 16 years ago and it’s still as relevant today as it ever was. We will continue to work hard with Jeremy, and the rest of the solar industry, to encourage the widespread adoption of solar power to help reduce carbon emissions.”

The move will allow Dr Leggett to spend more time for the other campaigns in the lead up to the all-important United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, in December 2015. Leggett said: “This is a make or break year for everyone who cares about abating climate change, promoting poverty alleviation, and solar’s massive role in those missions. I feel a strong need, almost at the level of my DNA, to adjust my portfolio of activities to create more space for campaigning. I need to be doing more, in particular, with Carbon Tracker, SolarAid, and my new idea of a 5% Club for Climate and Development based on the Solarcentury-SolarAid model. All of these can help the forces pushing for a meaningful treaty in Paris, and for progress beyond. I’m delighted to be able to pass on the mantle of chairman, knowing that the leadership is  safe in the hands of Frans van den Heuvel, CEO, and Philip Comberg, chairman, and that the company will be steered by this duo with consummate professionalism consistent with its values, brand and culture. “