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An energy emergency in May 2016 – why? Dr Andrew Crossland explains…

Solarcentury explains the need for backup power in the UK.

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Solar PV systems for commercial rooftops

Guest insight: Nicky Wightman of Savills shares the questions she sees commercial real estate clients consider when evaluating solar PV. A solar PV system is a well-established method of reaping benefit from your businesses’ least used asset; the roof. Solar is now a mainstream and reliable technology – which should be easy to buy and […]

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Glint and glare – how dazzling is PV?

With the expansion of Heathrow back in the press the old issue of glint and glare from solar PV systems will undoubtedly re-emerge. And whether you are installing multi-megawatts next to an airport or 50kWp next to an airfield, you’ve no doubt been asked about glare from modules at some stage in your solar life. […]

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