Over 100 organisations call on Government to back Fourth Carbon Budget

“Government must uphold the ambition of the Fourth Carbon Budget and show its support to a vital part of the UK’s economy” says alliance

Today, Solarcentury and a wide alliance of over 100 other organisations from across some of the UK’s major businesses and trade associations, called on the Government to follow the advice of the Committee on Climate Change; to stick to its current emission reduction objectives under the Fourth Carbon Budget.

This budget covers the emission reductions that the UK needs to deliver, over 2023 to 2027, if it is to stay on track and reduce it’s emission by 80% by 2015.

The alliance called on the Government “to stick to ambitious emission reduction objectives for the 2020s to give business the certainty it needs to commit significant investments to the UK’s promising low-carbon economy” and maintain the UK’s energy security.

This statement coincides with the publication today of the Committee on Climate Change’s updated recommendations on the Fourth Carbon Budget.